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Seacoast Athletics was voted the "Best on the Seacoast" because we have created a totally different experience. Let us show you what makes us so special.
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When it comes to training, we believe movement is like medicine, dosage is the most important aspect. We balance short intense busts, longer sustained efforts, strength training and physique work to prevent injures and exhaustion. This balance helps deliver the most well rounded programming possible creating incredible, life long results.

A group size for everyone

We offer personal, semi private, and group training. Depending on your preference we have a plan that gives you the accountability, motivation and attention that you feel gives you the best chance at finding success.

Fitness for life

We take a longevity approach with properly balanced volume and intensity that ensures that there is no overuse or overtraining injuries, keeping you doing the things you love both inside and outside the gym.

A "You" based approach

We know that everyone has their own goals and we want to provide you with all the tools you need to be successful in your fitness journey. No matter what format you chose, we take your health history, current ability and fitness goals into account everyday.

You have different goals.
You have a different health history.
You are starting in a different place.

Small Group Training

We believe that group fitness gyms currently fail the every day man and woman. Most gyms focus on one aspect of programming; Prescribing way too much cardio in the form of long intense workouts day in and day out. Include way too many heavy barbells and high skill movements. Put a huge focus on burning calories and measuring hard work base solely on sweat.
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Main Programs

Semi Private Training

Our Semi Private training is designed to provide personal attention and support in an intimate small group of like-minded individuals. Finding your personalized fitness path with a tailored approach helps you succeed in reaching your fitness goals.
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Main Programs

Personal Training

Maybe you don’t feel ready for group, maybe you have very specific goals, maybe you want to focus on training for an event. Whatever the reason, Seacoast Athletics personal training is guaranteed to help.
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Main Programs

Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition program aims at educating you and putting you back on the right track for success.
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Main Programs

Getting started is easy


Schedule your First Visit

Schedule a no-sweat consultation where we will discuss your goals, your health history, and your current routine. Or if you have experience, sign up for a free class. Finding the perfect starting point that everyone is comfortable with.

Find a plan that works for you

Whether it is a small group, semi private or personal training, our goal is to fit you with the perfect plan tailored to you. We believe in constant progress but really like to focus on fitness as a lifestyle.

Transform Your Life

Taking the first step is the hardest part, but we promise you if you give us 3 months we will change the way you look at fitness. Our programming, our coaches, and our community is built to help you every step of the way.

Trusted and Loved By Hundreds of Seacoast Residents

Everything you need to crush your fitness goals

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Seacoast Athletics

Our community is what makes us special. And it's what will keep you going

At Seacoast Athletics, we think there is a better way. We believe that every person is uniquely different and their daily fitness should mirror that. What works for some, might not work for you—nor should it be expected to. Exercise programs should reflect abilities, focus on individual goals, and take things like experience and health history into account. We build our programming with precisely this in mind.

Each small group is full of other like-minded people who are as invested in your success as you are. Instead of competition, we have created an environment that emphasizes effort. Where fist bumps are the currency. The programming and coaching will get you and keep you healthy, but the Seacoast Athletics community is going to be what keeps you coming back. There are many gyms on the seacoast, but none have as tight-knit of a community as we do.

Our goal is to provide an environment of success, where your coaches will guide you every step of the way.

Conveniently located directly off Route 1

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Seacoast Athletics is located and easily accessible from all of North Hampton.

58 Lafayette Rd. North Hampton, NH 03862
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Just because it is group fitness, doesn't mean your individual goals are not the priority. Come see why we won "Best in the Seacoast".

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